Playing rules

The games played during this event will follow the rules established by FESA in the document “FESA Rules and Regulations“.

In case of misunderstanding or issue occurring during the tournament, last word will be given to the referee. To take sensible decisions, a group of 3 experimented referees will be built onsite to work together on the research of the most appropriate decision to take.

Team tournament

      • starts July 27, 10:00 – check in 9:00 to 9:45
      • a team consists of 3 players
      • 4 rounds swiss
      • 30 min + 30 sec byoyomi thinking time
      • games will be rated

    Blitz Tournament

        • starts July 27, 17:30 – check-in starts 9:00, not later than 17:00
        • 7 rounds swiss
        • 8 min thinking time


          • starts July 28, 10:00 – check in deadline for 1st round is 9:15
          • 9 rounds Mac-Mahon (amount of groups depending on number of participants)
          • 45 min + 40 sec byoyomi thinking time.
          • Would you not be able to play all 9 rounds, this is no problem as soon as you check in or check out in the round before, no later than two hours after the start of that round.

        Please note: To meet the schedule, the tournament administration may, 15 minutes before the next round is scheduled to start, switch a game from byoyomi to “blitz”. That means both players will get an additional 7 minutes, but then have to play it out without byoyomi. This rule also applies to the ESC, as agreed within the FESA board.


            • The ESC is part of the WOSC
            • The 32 highest rated European players competing in the ESC/WOSC event according to FESA rating list will play ESC for the title of European champion.
            • 5 rounds direct elimination system
            • You can only join, if you are able to play all 5 rounds.

          The ESC tournament uses a direct elimination system. Games are played by the 32 highest rated European players competing in the ESC/WOSC event. To be eligible to take part in the ESC, a player

          • must have an established ELO rating recorded in the Pan-Atlantic Shogi ELO system,
          • must be a citizen of a country which is a member state of the Council of Europe, or which has a representative shogi organization which is a voting or observer member of FESA,

          The reference used to determine the 32 highest rated players is the most recently published Pan-Atlantic Shogi ELO system list at the date of the tournament. Players will be allocated to the tournament on a highest rating first basis. If 2 players have the same ELO, their allocation will be determined by draw. This may include determination of whether players are allocated to place 32 or are immediately allocated to the 1st round of the WOSC tournament.

          Once the ESC places are allocated, pairings are determined using a fixed elimination system according to the ELO ranking:

          The rounds of the ESC are played in parallel to the 5 first rounds of the WOSC.
          Players eliminated from ESC are immediately included in the WOSC players list to take part in the following round. Points earned in the ESC are carried into the WOSC under the Mac-Mahon system. ESC players will be allocated the points of the Mac-Mahon group corresponding to their ELO rating, except that players who play in round two of the ESC are given points corresponding to the top group of the WOSC.

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