Lunch Meals

The tournament place is very nice and surrounded by a very lovely park. But is has one weakness : there is more or less neither shop nor restaurant around.

As a consequence, in order to provide you the best possible experience, we have negotiated a lunch solution with a recognized local professional caterer.

It will then be possible for you to book lunch packages for each tournament day. The meals will include a main course delivered in an individual tray, a bottle of still water, and a dessert. For vegetarians, a special meal will be arranged to fit to their dietary choice.
Of course, each day, the menu will change so that people having booked this option will get 4 different lunches from Thursday to Sunday.

The cost of these lunch meals is of 20 Euros per day and per person. You’ll be able to select this option while registering to the event.

For the people not having selected this option, It will be of course possible to eat in the park around the tournament hall. Still, we would like to make you aware that, since there are not that many shops in the surroundings, you may have to anticipate a bit and bring your own meal with you from the morning.

ONSITE MEALS BOOKING WILL MOST PROBABLY BE NOT POSSIBLE : the caterer needs to know in advance how many meals he’ll have to prepare.

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