Team Tournament : price correction

When you will register, you will notice that the team tournament was announced at the price of 15 Euros.
This is of course the price for the whole team and not per player.


We actually made a mistake while setting up the registration form that we can’t correct anymore now.
Since nobody notified us before Today about this inconsistency, we didn’t notice it before.


As a consequence, even if you will have to pay 15 Euros while registering online to the team tournament, we guarantee you that 10 Euros will be given back to you when you will check in onsite.

And, for the ones who didn’t register to this side event because of the price, it will be possible to register during the onsite check-in as well. Nevertheless, if you could inform us in advance, we could make sure to have enough shogi sets and clocks for all participants.


We would like to apologize for this unexpected mistake.

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